Our adopters as well as those who have asked us to rehome their Giant have sent us some wonderful comments we would like to share.  Their words let us know we are successfully doing the job we set out to do.

John from Illinois

"I have adopted two rescues through Lisa Armitage and her organization. The initial screening and home visit was thorough and professionally done, with an eye toward making sure that the prospective forever home was appropriate for a Giant.  Proper placement of the right dog in the right home is key to breaking the cycle and they take great care of that aspect during the adoption process. All known issues - temperament, health and background problems - are disclosed so everyone knows at the outset what you are signing up for.  Once the dog is re-homed, advice and assistance is locally available from their network.  GLGSR is a wonderful organization and we unequivocally support them and their mission." 

Brian from Missouri

"When my female Giant of 14.5 years passed in October 2016 I was down in the dumps and Great Lakes GS Rescue was a huge support system for me.  By late November I had to have another Giant in my life so I applied for a Rescue (none were available). A 3-year-old boy became available outside of their rescue and they gave their recommendation to the foster home and I was granted possession.  Well, he fell for my daughter and you could tell they were soul mates.  She moved out into her new home and he went with her, empty house again.  That's when I got a call from Great Lakes GS Rescue again -- they had a perfect dog for me, a young 1-1/2-year-old female (Piper Ann)!  She's my soul mate and without this great rescue group I would have never had Piper.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart."