Shultz's Story

Rescues all are wonderful, but one boy, Schultz, really captured our hearts. He was in a terrible situation living in a garage. He was in terrible pain and in need of serious medical attention. We got him to our vet in Chicago and he had several issues including a dead eye that had to be removed (later found to be a lipoma) and a splenic lesion that was suspicious for hemangiosarcoma (this was later identified as a hematoma). He was in such pain from the eye he had stopped eating and was terribly thin. A board member and her Giant took him in and fostered Schultz, nursing him back to health during his multiple surgeries. He is now living the life he should have had all along. He is in a wonderful family with his new BFF, a 9 year old sweetie named Rhyan who gives him all the love he could ever wish for. It makes me smile to see the smiles on everyone’s face especially Schultz.