Senior Giants

The Very Special Giants

The adopters of seniors, willing to give these dogs a good home for their waning years, are very special people.  Rescues all over the country are full and with few foster homes the senior dogs that lose out on a spot in rescue.  Some groups have one or 2 foster homes for the seniors and will provide any medication. Some groups have success with placing senior dogs with senior people and providing them with food, meds, oversight or whatever they need to make their relationship successful. 

Seniors place a special burden on Rescue and indeed on Rescuers. Often they are still energetic and intelligent with excellent house manners. They have their routines – mainly curled up on a bed looking at their person waiting to receive, and to give, some loving attention. But suddenly for them their life changes – their person has gone, they are in a foster home and they simply are not the dog that most adopters are looking for. 

“How old is Senior”? For us it is a dog over 7 years of age. Yet most people are hesitant to take a dog over 2 and apart from their age these dogs are in good health with good temperament. We think people are missing out on a lot of love and life experience from a lot of great senior dogs. 

If you would be interested in fostering a senior dog for us we would love to hear from you. 

If you are someone who thinks that you can offer a wonderful home for a senior dog and give them a new lease on life, we would love to hear from you.  These dogs are most often very special and will pay you back 10 fold for taking them in.