Adoption Application

What Happens Next

Your application has been sent to Great Lakes Giant Schnauzer Rescue and will be reviewed.  If your application moves through the review process, you will then be contacted by one of our directors for a phone interview.  These interviews take about 10 minutes and are a way for us to get to know you a little more and clarify any questions we may have about information you provided in your application.  If it is deemed that you are a suitable candidate for our adoption program, we will contact your references listed on your application as well as your vet.  The next step is a home visit.  One of our volunteers will contact you and set up a home visit with you.  Basically the home visit allows us to confirm the dog will be going into an appropriate home environment such as a fenced yard or acceptable alternative, where the dog will spend its time indoors, what the environment around your house is.  This is not a white glove inspection.  We just want to see where the dog would be living.  You may ask why this is such an involved process?  The answer is simple; it is all about the DOGS.  We work very hard on the front end of this process to assure that the best possible match is made for each rescue that comes in to Great Lakes GSR.  We have a very successful track record with our placements and many who lose a rescue they adopted from us due to old age, etc. they come back to us for another.   This is not a quick process, but we have recently changed the process to completing all these steps when the applications are received (which can take a few weeks), but once completed if you qualify you are put on our pre-approved adopters list.  

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Great Lakes Giant Schnauzer Rescue.