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Our Approach To Rescue

We believe that every dog is special and we also believe they deserve a better life.  Here at Great Lakes we take the time to know our rescue dogs and our adopters so that in taking the time to make good placements, they will last forever. We do not believe in the "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" approach to rescue.  We have developed a tried and true process that works and allows dogs to move to their forever homes in a reasonable amount of time, not like some rescues that leave dogs in foster care for several months or just place a dog too quickly.


Our Rescue Dog's Background

Rescue Giants have all kinds of backgrounds, some we have information on, some we don't.  We do our best to find out all we can about the dogs who come into rescue so we can provide them the best start for their life in their forever home.

Some of these dogs come from horrible situations and require a helping hand to start their new life.  Others are just victims of life and family situations that change such as the death of an owner or circumstances that involve a beloved pet to be rehomed through our rescue.  We work to let each potential and ultimate adopter know as much as we know about each dog.


A Furever Friend

Giant Schnauzers are smart and active.  They enjoy relaxing with their family but also need a job, be it something around the house or obedience, rally, agility, barn hunt or other activity.  Rescues come in all sizes, cropped ears, natural ears, hard coat, medium coat or soft coat.  They have docked tails.  Just remember that these are rescues not show dogs.  They are all beautiful to us in their own way.

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We are a national rescue organizaation operating out of the midwest region.  

Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions. 

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